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Art Blog 'Making a Mark' on my Sky Arts experience ...

By Keith Tunnicliffe, Nov 3 2019 12:17PM

Very proud of this featured article ...

Keith Tunnicliffe came up with a great idea - which is if you "get the call" and find you've got a place in a pod, why not take the opportunity to find out how it works BEFORE your heat.

With everything moving at a pace and with the first of the heats about to commence at Herstmonceaux in East Sussex I look at ways i can speed up the process to ensure I complete on time.

A great incite into the filming and the day ahead comes with watching a whole series of the competition. I choose to watch the first series which has a couple of linocut artists involved. My main reason for watching is soon forgotten as I get carried away with the art and the show! Time to concentrate and actually look at the pos and the artists to see how it all works. Lots learnt here and so straight to my table and lets see how we can improve ...


We decide to pop down to see Herstmonceux Castle to help me familiarise myself with how it all works. A quick call to StoryVault to ensure I am allowed to be there and away we go. WOW, loved it, what an atmosphere, despite the weather. This was a great day out for both of us and the StoryVault people and the 50+ Sky crew were so approachable and so accommodating to everyone.'

You're too late to visit a heat prior to next year's application. However if you're really not sure and are umming and erring I think a visit to one of the Heats next year is all you need to make a decision one way or the other for the year after next.

Full article at ... https://makingamark.blogspot.com/2019/11/review-episode-3-of-landscape-artist-2019.html

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